Voice Services Engineer, Senior

2023-01-25 19:10:05

Job description, information about job

We are a team of operation and maintenance of technology for voice services such as modern mobile services VOLTE (Voice Over LTE) and VoIP for business as well as residential customers. We are responsible for the latest technologies in this area based on IP protocols such as IMS, SBC or IPcentrex.We are looking for an engineer for maintenance and operation of BTAS (Business Telephony Application Server) platforms, which are implemented in both networks (ST and TMCZ). 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for operations, diagnosis and fault repair on Business Voice Telephony Application Server
  • Responsible for preventive and regular hardware and software maintenance, configuration management on these platforms.
  • Monitor trends in case of repeating identical incidents and, together with the vendor, develop and implement the problem solution.
  • Provide required support when implementing new features, services, software upgrades etc.
  • Provide support for B2B department in the provisioning and troubleshooting of business customer services (mainly in non-standard cases)

Required skills:

  • Experience in telecommunication environment – knowledge of mobile and fixed voice networks architecture
  • Experience with VoIP platforms for fixed (fixed line VoIP telephony) and mobile networks (VoLTE), based on IMS architecture.
  • Understanding and capability of analyzing voice call flows.
  • Capability of troubleshooting by using packet analyzers and signaling monitoring systems.
  • Good knowledge of SIP, RTP protocols
  • Experiences with linux based systems, Advantage is overview in virtualization/cloud solutions.
  • Technical English – writen and spoken

Soft skills:

  • Team player
  • Analytical skills
  • Handling stress situations and ability to make a quick decision
  • Willingnes to work overtime in urgent cases
  • Flexibility

What we are offering to you

  • Smartphone: Choose your phone and get a compensation of, for example 600 € every 2 years.
  • Employee tariff: Use unlimited data, call and text for lower prices for private and business purposes.
  • Bonuses and rewards: Hard work pays off! Get rewards for your individual performance, as well as a yearly bonus of up to 15 % depending on the company’s success.
  • T-Mobile discounts: Enjoy the most of the lower prices of our products and services for your family and friends.
  • Partner discounts: Enjoy lower prices of products and services with our partners.
  • Flexible hours: We usually work at the office vs home-office 60:40. Adapt your work to your needs.
  • Rest and recreation: Relax with 4 extra days off.
  • MultiSport: Sport and relax with your loved ones for free or with discounts thanks to the MultiSport card.
  • Sick pay: If you are on sick leave for max. 2 weeks, you can count on an income of 80% of the daily assessment basis.
  • Healthcare: Take care of your wellbeing with high-quality care for a discounted price with our contractual facility.
  • Education and development: Broaden your horizons with our internal T-Univerzity offering a wide range of courses.
  • Life crisis support: Is life testing you? We will support you with one-off financial support.
  • Psychological consultations: Are you having troubles in your private or professional life? Share your burden anonymously via phone or online.
  • Meal contribution: Enjoy a delicious meal with a work-day allowance of 5.10 €.
  • Recreational allowance: Have you been with us for 2 years? A recreational allowance is in your pocket.
  • Pension allowance: Get ready for your retirement with a pension allowance after 3 months with us.


Specification of salary conditions

finálna mzda bude predmetom pohovoru a záleží od skúseností a seniority kandidáta

Type of employment


Minimum required education

Secondary with Leaving Examination

Company characteristics

Slovak Telekom je moderná spoločnosť s dlhoročnou tradíciou na slovenskom telekomunikačnom trhu. Naším strategickým partnerom je najväčšia telekomunikačná spoločnosť v Európe – Deutsche Telekom AG, ktorá sa svojimi aktivitami radí medzi hlavných inovátorov v oblasti telekomunikácií a informačných technológií.

Sme vedúcou spoločnosťou v poskytovaní telekomunikačných služieb na Slovensku. Vlastníme a prevádzkujeme telekomunikačnú sieť, ktorá pokrýva celé územie Slovenskej republiky, poskytujeme národné a medzinárodné telefónne služby, ako aj široké portfólio dátových a internetových služieb. Patríme medzi najväčších zamestnávateľov, dlhodobo investujeme do rozvoja našej siete a služieb, a svojimi korporačnými aktivitami prispievame k rozvoju internetizácie Slovenska.


Slovak Telekom
Bajkalská 28
Slovak Republic

Contact information

Zuzana Nagyová
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